Choose OT tutors to succeed in the IB Diploma!


IB Tutoring

With over 120 tutors scoring an average of 43/45, we are ready to support you in all Subjects to help you achieve your goals. 

All our tutors have attained the IB Diploma in the last 6 years with the highest marks (7 or A) in the subjects they teach. 

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You can rely on our IB tutors, a one-of-a-kind team in the world in terms of excellence

Our tutors have studied in the best schools that offer the IB Program and have continued their studies in the most prestigious universities internationally, working exclusively for Omni Tutoring. 

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is an extremely competitive curriculum. Make sure you tackle it with the right preparation and with the help of our tutors.

OT tutors have successfully taken the IB and are familiar with all the details of this diploma. Together with them, we have created services that can help you meet the challenges of the IB Diploma in all stages of the journey.

Our tutors adhere to strict ethical standards and the content of all written assignments must solely be the result of the student's work.

Free IB Tutoring consultation

If you have any questions about your progress, you can set up a call with our team. We will evaluate your profile and objectives to propose the most suitable tutoring solution for you to successfully obtain the IB Diploma.

Pre-IB Course

If you are about to start the IB Program, this is the right course for you. In 4 one-hour lessons, you will learn everything you need to know about subjects, assignments, marking schemes, ToK, EE, CAS and much more to get on the right track from the start.

IB Tutoring – Revision

Plan one-to-one lessons with a tutor in the IB Subject where you need support. Following an initial assessment, the tutor will suggest a tailor-made study plan and together you will set up the most suitable schedule for you.

IB Tutoring – IA, ToK and EE

Set up meetings with a tutor for specific support on IA, ToK and EE, which are key components of the IB Diploma. We can offer you 360-degrees support or assist you only with a few key steps, from initial brainstorming to final proofreading, according to your needs. 

IB Revision Courses

Mocks at the beginning of the second year are a cornerstone of the IB. To arrive prepared, take part in our Revision Courses at the end of the summer! You will revise the subjects of your interest in small groups following the programme structured by your tutor. 

Choose OT tutors to succeed in the IB Diploma!

Read comments from our students and their parents.

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I used Omni tutoring for both IB and SAT support and have to say I was really pleased with all the services. I used a wide range of tutors and each one of them was kind, friendly, and professional. The tutoring was targeted and helped me hone my skills. 

Penelope S., UPenn Wharton, Class of 2026

Penelope worked on several IB Diploma subjects with Alex P., Francesco B., Arya A.

Michelangelo and Alessandro used Omni Tutoring at different times and for different subjects. They have always had good feedback. OT tutors are able to adapt to the needs and requirements of students.

Elisabetta B., Michelangelo and Alessandro's mother

Michelangelo worked on several IB Diploma subjects with Arya A., Camilla A., Francesco B.

My daughter has always been very meticulous, perfectionist and self driven, but with the extra support from Arya, she was able to raise her level for History EE for her final year of IB. Arya helped her through the process of selecting the best sources for her topic, questioning and proof reading the final draft. The support was excellent, boosted our daughter's confidence and helped her to achieve an amazing result. 

Victoria worked on several IB Diploma subjects with Arya A.

OT successes in preparing for the IB Program


total hours of tutoring solely for subject revision 


the IB average final grade of our tutors


the mark attained by the tutors in the subjects they teach 


the nationalities of our tutors 

IB Diploma Tutoring – Our services

Pre-IB Course

  • 4 one-hour lessons to learn more about the IB mechanisms (IA, ToK, EE) 
  • Resources to tackle the IB 
  • Suggestions from a former IB student who scored 45 (1% worldwide) 

IB Tutoring – Revision

  • Individual tailor-made lessons
  • Initial assessment
  • Creation of a study plan
  • Progress monitoring
  • Tailor-made exercises
  • Pre-exams revision

IB Tutoring – IA, ToK and EE

  • Individual tailor-made lessons
  • Support in all work phases according to deadlines 
  • Creation of a study plan 
  • Personalised feedback

IB Revision Courses
£180.00 - £540.00

  • Lessons in small groups (max 5)
  • Guided review of one or more subjects of your choice
  • Guided exercises 


How can I contact OmniTutoring?

Contacting Omni Tutoring is easy. You just have to click "Get Started" on the banner, complete the student or tutor form and share with us details of your request. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with further information about our services.

How will I be matched with a tutor?

Omni Tutoring is backed up by a team of young and successful advisors who follow you from the start of your tutoring journey. After analysing your profile and understanding your needs, they select a tutor based on a range of criteria, including age, language, academic path, and areas of interest.

Will I be given a fixed tutoring schedule?

No. At the core of our services is the belief that each student has different needs. Therefore, we ask our tutors to tailor a personal lesson plan for each tutee, flexible and easily manageable.

Once in the process, how do I get in contact with the tutor?

Since we are conscious that contacting a tutor is a time-consuming task, we have decided to do that for you! After selecting the tutor that matches your needs, we will connect you with them on our online platform.

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