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Does SAT look like an impossible obstacle to you? Our tutors can help you reach your target score by creating a tailor-made study plan. 

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The SAT is a gateway to universities all over the world.

In many university applications, a good SAT score can help you make your profile stand out, thus increasing your admission chances. 

With over 2000 hours of SAT tutoring under its belt, OT helps its students achieve their most ambitious goals, including admission to prestigious universities such as:

OT offers tailor-made tutoring to successfully prepare for the SAT

We offer several services that can be purchased individually or combined with others depending on your needs.


Free consultation for the SAT

Contact our team to learn more about your goals and receive personalised suggestions. We will identify your SAT score target and we will help you create a test schedule aligned to your needs, selecting the tutor that best suits your profile.

SAT Introduction Course

If you are about to start preparing the SAT, this is the right course for you. In five meetings our tutor will explain the structure of the test, its technicalities, the best method to answer the various types of questions and where to find the resources to practise. The sixth meeting consists of a mock SAT, whose results will be useful for you to create your study plan.

SAT Tutoring

Set up one-to-one lessons with a tutor. Following an initial assessment, the tutor will propose a tailor-made study plan and together you will set up the most suitable schedule for you.

SAT Mock Test

The SAT is all about practice! That is why we periodically organise Mock Tests supervised by a tutor to help you get used to the timing. The result of the Mock Test will help you monitor your progress and update your study plan.

SAT Test Guide

You will receive our guide on how to prepare for the SAT. It was written by tutors who, like you, took the SAT and scored over 1550. In this guide you will find the most up-to-date tips on how to prepare for the test, an explanation of the theory you need to know, and recommendations on the best resources to use.

Choose OT tutors to succeed in the SAT!

Read comments from our students and their parents.

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As parents we are extremely satisfied! Our daughter received professional and personalised support that allowed her to "listen" to her inclinations and enhance her qualities. Following Omni's constant and precise indications, Lavinia managed to get into one of the most prestigious and selective American Ivy Leagues.

Stefano M., Father of Lavinia, Columbia University, Class of 2026

Lavinia prepared for the SAT with Erica W.

Tutors like Thea are always able to explain me how to answer questions in the easiest, fastest and most complete way. They are also very elastic in terms of schedule and try to meet my needs as much as possible.
I’m really having the best experience with Omni Tutoring!

Pietro B., Italian High School Student (Science-oriented)

Pietro prepared for the SAT test with Thea T.

Omni Tutoring's tutors have been fundamental to succeed in my final years of school. Thanks to their help, I managed to apply to the best universities in the world, knowing that I had given my best. To prepare for the SAT, tutor Tim L.'s support was pivotal. He helped me especially with the English section, whose score was crucial for specific university applications. I have found the tutors' lessons to be very useful and I believe they have been crucial for my applications in the United States.

Jacopo B. L., University of Chicago, Class of 2026

Jacopo prepared for the SAT with Tim L.

I requested Omni tutoring's support for both IB and SAT support and have to say I was really pleased with all of the services. I worked with a wide range of tutors and each one of them was kind, friendly, and professional. The tutoring was targeted and helped me hone my skills. 

Penelope S., UPenn Wharton, Class of 2026

Penelope prepared the SAT with Alessia R.

My son made prepared the SAT exam with Omni Tutoring and was extremely satisfied with the preparation and motivational ability of his tutor, who led him with clear strategies to achieve his target score. Us parents were particularly impressed by the seriousness of this organisation and by the very clear reports on the progress of the lessons and the goals to achieve.

Raffaella C., Mother of Gregorio R., University of St. Andrews

Gregorio prepared the SAT with Tim L.

Thea is alway available, kind and straight to the point. Pietro is always happy to meet her and keen to work on SAT practice after lessons.

Elisabetta R., Pietro's mother

Pietro prepared the SAT with Thea T.

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SAT Test Prep – Our services

SAT Introduction Course

  • Five 1-hour lessons
  • Invigilated SAT Mock test - 3 hours and 45 minutes
  • SAT Guide
  • Resources for preparation

SAT Tutoring

  • One-to-one tailor-made lessons
  • Level assessment
  • Creation of a study plan
  • Progress monitoring
  • SAT Guide
  • Tailor-made exercises

SAT Mock Test

  • Online Mock test invigilated by one of our tutors
  • Assistance with marking
  • Advice on the interpretation of the score and the creation of a study plan


How can I contact OmniTutoring?

Contacting Omni Tutoring is easy. You just have to click "Get Started" on the banner, complete the student or tutor form and share with us details of your request. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with further information about our services.

How will I be matched with a tutor?

Omni Tutoring is backed up by a team of young and successful advisors who follow you from the start of your tutoring journey. After analysing your profile and understanding your needs, they select a tutor based on a range of criteria, including age, language, academic path, and areas of interest.

Will I be given a fixed tutoring schedule?

No. At the core of our services is the belief that each student has different needs. Therefore, we ask our tutors to tailor a personal lesson plan for each tutee, flexible and easily manageable.

Once in the process, how do I get in contact with the tutor?

Since we are conscious that contacting a tutor is a time-consuming task, we have decided to do that for you! After selecting the tutor that matches your needs, we will connect you with them on our online platform.

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