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Choose OT tutors to succeed in the Bocconi Test! 


Prepare for the Bocconi Test with Omni Tutoring!

If you are about to submit your application to Bocconi University and have decided to take the Bocconi entrance exam, you can rely on our specialised tutors who have all taken the Bocconi test themselves. 

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You can rely on our tutors to prepare you for your Bocconi admission test

You will work with tutors who have taken the entrance exam themselves and successfully completed their degree at Bocconi University. You can decide whether to take the exam in English or Italian: we will assign you a tutor who can best prepare you in the language of your choice. 

Following an initial assessment, the tutor will send you a detailed report of your preparation level, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses and recommending specific resources to set up your study plan. You will schedule your meetings with the tutor according to your needs, either requesting ongoing support or occasional help.


Don't underestimate the importance of the Bocconi Test!

In recent years, Bocconi has become one of the most competitive Business Schools in Europe and the admission test carries a very important weight in each candidate’s assessment (55%). Get on the right track with OT.

Free consultation for the Bocconi Test

Are you undecided between the Bocconi Test and the SAT? Not sure how to manage your time when preparing for these tests? If you have any questions, you can arrange a call with our team. We will evaluate your profile and objectives to propose the most suitable tutoring solution for you. 

Tutoring for the Bocconi Test

Plan one-to-one lessons with one of our tutors. Following an initial assessment, the tutor will suggest a tailor-made study plan and together you will set up the most suitable schedule for you.

Start your tutoring journey to prepare for the Bocconi Test with OT!


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teaching languages offered, English and Italian

Bocconi Test – Our services

Tutoring for the Bocconi Test

  • One-to-one tailor-made lessons
  • Level assessment and progress monitoring
  • Creation of a study plan 
  • Tailor-made exercises


How can I contact OmniTutoring?

Contacting Omni Tutoring is easy. You just have to click "Get Started" on the banner, complete the student or tutor form and share with us details of your request. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with further information about our services.

How will I be matched with a tutor?

Omni Tutoring is backed up by a team of young and successful advisors who follow you from the start of your tutoring journey. After analysing your profile and understanding your needs, they select a tutor based on a range of criteria, including age, language, academic path, and areas of interest.

Will I be given a fixed tutoring schedule?

No. At the core of our services is the belief that each student has different needs. Therefore, we ask our tutors to tailor a personal lesson plan for each tutee, flexible and easily manageable.

Once in the process, how do I get in contact with the tutor?

Since we are conscious that contacting a tutor is a time-consuming task, we have decided to do that for you! After selecting the tutor that matches your needs, we will connect you with them on our online platform.

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